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May 2014

We head to the islands in all directions, starting with up north to Bali, where Thomas Soyland found the kind of riding that surfers can only dream of. If only Schapelle Corby was a mountain biker...

Then it's west to Australia for a road trip featuring three of Easton's riders. The Aussie Enduro shredder Jared Graves hosted XC vet and buzzword convert Adam Craig, and Kiwi slopestyle legend Kelly McGarry for a look around his hometown of Toowoomba and sample the local delights. They even got out for a surf or two.

Back in NZ, the Wide Open crew headed south for a mini roadie with long-time team riders Matt Scoles, Conor MacFarlane, that man Kelly again, plus DogBoy and Grom trying to keep them all in line. A gnarlier gang the south has never seen.

Staying south but on the northern tip, four of the country's best femal riders got together with Juliana Bikes' Katie Zaffke to launch the new brand on our shores, riding icons like the Wakamarina and Nydia Bay.

There's a host of the most interesting people who do lots of great things on and off the trails, we scope out the SRAM launch for their new DH products, ride the brand spankin new 440 Bike Park in Auckland, and have a hell of a (good) time at the DME. All the regulars keep you at the pointy end of what's great about mountain biking in New Zealand, and beyond.

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