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Peaty's Link Lube 120ml

Peaty's Link Lube 120ml

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Peaty's own chain oil creation

Peaty's Link Lube is a minty fresh, triple distilled, ultra high speed chain oil for use in all conditions. Peaty's unique formula penetrates and cleans deep inside your chain, driving out moisture, grit and grime and replacing them with unique blend of oils and waxes to lubricate and protect. The Link Lube actually cleans your chain as you use it! 

Highlights of Peaty's Link Lube

  • Triple distilled high speed chain oil
  • suitable for all weather conditions
  • Removes dirt and dust
  • Protects the chain from corrosion with a unique mixture of oil and wax
  • Reduces friction and vibration in the chain and noise in the drive train

The special formula of the chain care agent

When the bottle of Link Lube has been sat still for a while, it will settle with the clear base lube on top and the blue liquid slowly falling to the bottom of the bottle. This is an important feature which enables the lube to be used in all weather conditions.

The special effect of the lubricant

The clear base lube is an anti-corrosive, fast penetrating, water displacing oil which - when shaken up with the blue liquid - will find it's way into every nook and cranny of the chain. Once it reaches the depth of your chain links, the base oil will drive out moisture, grit and grime - leaving the blue liquid behind to reduce friction, reduce vibration and reduce drivetrain noise.

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