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Peaty's Tubless Valves

  • $35.00

Easy refilling of tubeless sealant on the trail

Made from lightweight anodised aluminium, Peaty’s tubeless valves are a universal 42mm length and fit most tubeless rims including carbon, Enduro and DH rims.
The large soft rubber base easily creates an airtight seal on valve holes up to 8mm diameter. The integrated valve core remover caps make removing the valve and topping up with sealant a breeze when in the workshop or on the trails.

Highlights of Peaty's Tubeless Valves:

  • Length: 42mm or 60mm
  • Material: anodised/leightweight aluminium
  • Fits many rims: Carbon/Enduro/Downhill
  • Fits valve holes with up to 8 mm diameter
  • Soft rubber base easily creates an airtight seal
  • Integrated valve core remover caps
  • Valve type: Presta

Valves for Life!

If you manage to break, snap, bend or crack our valves* then we'll fix or replace them free of charge.

*Really? For Life?!

Ok so there's a few conditions. Valves are warranted for life to the original owner only. Valves will not be warranted in the following situations:

  1. If they have snapped or threaded from being over-tightened

  2. If they have clogged with sealant

  3. If they have been intentionally broken

  4. If parts have been lost

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